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    Are you an online merchant that wants to participate as a merchant on ESavingsClub.com?

    Do you sell products or services online?

    Do you have high customer satisfaction and great customer service?

    Do you have an affiliate program that you use to promote your site?

    Are you working with an established Affiliate Program Provider such as Affiliate Future, Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google Affiliate Network, Pepperjam or Cardinal to help run your program?

    Do you pay your affiliates a 2% or higher commission based on a percentage of the net sales amount on all of the products that you sell?

    Are you hungry for greater exposure and more sales than you can handle?

    If the answer to all of these questions is "Yes" you may be eligible to participate as a merchant on ESavingsClub.com. We drive record sales to over 1,700 merchants month after month. If you aren't working with us already, you are missing out on the largest single-source of qualified customers in existence. For more information on how to join ESavingsClub please contact your affiliate network manager today!

    Are you an ESavingsClub Merchant that wants increased exposure to ESavingsClub Members?

    ESavingsClub.com has an entire sales team ready to put together a cost-effective advertising campaign for you. Ask us for some case studies - the results we get our advertisers will amaze you.

    We can provide you with:

    Home page placement viewed by millions of unique visitors each month Sponsorship opportunities for our monthly ESavingsClub Double Cash Back promotions Enhanced visibility of your coupons, promos and specials deals "Top Stores" listing Inclusion in our weekly emails Solo emails targeted to over 8 million members and much more!

    See what our customers are saying!

    “Within minutes of signing up, I already earned over $20 in cash back!”
    -Michelle, 43, Ohio

    “I do most of my shopping online, I might as well get paid for it!”
    -Karen, 35, New York

    “My family is on a tight budget. Earning cash back at stores we already shop at helps our family’s budget.”
    -Carl, 29, Kentucky

    “It really is that simple. You sign up, you shop, you earn cash back and you get a check every quarter!”
    -Maria, 51, California